Dynamic Replication Views

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DBA_REPCATLOG describes the status for all asynchronous administrative requests and all error messages in the database.

DBA_REPCOLUMN describes the replicated columns for all the tables in the database.

DBA_REPCOLUMN_GROUP describes the column groups for all the tables in the database.

DBA_REPCONFLICT describes the conflict resolution method for all the tables in the database on which a conflict resolution method has been defined.

DBA_REPDDL contains the DDL for each replicated object in the database.

DBA_REPGENOBJECTS describes each object in the database that was generated to support replication.

DBA_REPGROUP describes all of the replication groups in the database that are being replicated

DBA_REPGROUP_PRIVILEGES contains information about the users who are registered for privileges in all the replication groups in the database.

DBA_REPGROUPED_COLUMN describes all of the columns that make up the column groups for each table in the database.

DBA_REPKEY_COLUMNS The replication key column(s) is an alternate column or group of columns, instead of the primary key, used to determine which columns of a table to compare when using row-level replication. You can set the replication key columns using the SET_COLUMNS procedure in the DBMS_REPCAT package.

DBA_REPOBJECT contains information about the objects in each replication group in the database.

DBA_REPPARAMETER_COLUMN contains information about the columns that are used to resolve conflicts for each replicated table in the database.

DBA_REPPRIORITY contains the value and priority level of each priority group member in each priority group in the database.

DBA_REPPRIORITY_GROUP describes the priority group or site priority group defined for each replication group in the database.

DBA_REPPROP indicates the technique used to propagate operations on each replicated object to the same object at another master site. This view shows all objects in the database.

DBA_REPRESOL_STATS_CONTROL describes statistics collection for conflict resolutions for all replicated tables in the database.

DBA_REPRESOLUTION indicates the methods used to resolve update, uniqueness, or delete conflicts for each table in the database that is replicated using row-level replication for a given schema.

DBA_REPRESOLUTION_METHOD lists all of the conflict resolution methods available in the database.

DBA_REPRESOLUTION_STATISTICS lists information about successfully resolved update, uniqueness, and delete conflicts for all replicated tables in the database.

DBA_REPSITES lists the members of each replication group in the database.

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