11g RAC : Download & Install cluvfy(Cluster verify) Utility

Posted By Sagar Patil

How do I install CVU from OTN? Download From Here

1. Create a CV home( say /home/username/mycvhome ) directory. It should have at least 35M of free disk space.
2. cd /home/username/mycvhome
3. copy the cvupack_<platform>.zip file to /home/username/mycvhome
4. unzip the file: unzip cvupack<platform>.zip
5. (Optional) Set the environmental variable CV_DESTLOC. This should point to a writable area on *all* nodes. When invoked, the tool will attempt to copy the necessary bits as required to this location. Make sure the location exists on all nodes and it has write permission for CVU user. It is strongly recommended that you should set this variable. If this variable has not been set, CVU will use “/tmp” as the default. “setenv CV_DESTLOC /tmp/cvu_temp”

How do I know about cluvfy commands?
-type ‘cluvfy comp -list’

how to check the entire Oracle Clusterware stack
– cluvfy stage -post crsinst

How do I check the Oracle Clusterware stack and other sub-components of it?
– Use the ‘comp ocr’ command to check the integrity of OCR. Similarly, you can use ‘comp crs’ and ‘comp clumgr’ commands to check integrity of Oracle Clustereare and clustermanager sub-components.

How do I get detail output of a check?
– Cluvfy supports a verbose mode. By default, cluvfy reports in non-verbose mode. To get detailed output of a check, use the flag ‘-verbose’ in the command line.

How do I check network or node connectivity related issues?
-Use commands like ‘nodereach’ or ‘nodecon’ for this purpose.For syntax, type comp -help command on the command prompt.
If the ‘comp nodecon’ command is invoked without -i, cluvfy will attempt to discover all the available interfaces and the corresponding IP address & subnet. Then cluvfy will try to verify the node connectivity per subnet. You can run this command in verbose mode

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