AD and Other Utilities

Posted By Sagar Patil
Utility Execution command Action Performed
AD Administration Adadmin Driver program that performs maintenance tasks on the apps layer and within the database.
Auto Patch Adpatch Applies patches in several modes. Can also be used to add new languages and products.
Auto Upgrade Adaimgr Upgrades to the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite.
Rapid Install AD Controller Adctrl Allows for the monitoring of status of workers spawned by Auto Upgrade, AD Admin, or Auto Patch and allows for the restarting of failed tasks.
FNDLOAD AD File Identification Adident Identifies version and translation level of one or more Apps files. Similar to Grep.
AD Splicer Adsplice Registers off cycle products.
File Character Set Converter Adncnv Converts text files from one character set to another.
AD Configuration Adutconf.sql Access standard information about the installed configuration of the Apps layer.
Auto Configuration Adautocfg AutoConfig. Provides central help to manage various configuration files.
AD Relink Adrelink Relinks executable programs with server libraries.
AD Merge Patch Admrgpch Merges several patches into single integrated patch without guaranteeing to take into account dependencies.
License Manager Licenses products, country specific functionalities, or languages.
AD Java Clone Utility Adclone


Clones instances for more accurate testing.

Generates the key for SSL.

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