Bring Cluster Online/Offline

Posted By Sagar Patil

Step A> Sequence of events to pull cluster database down..

1. Bring down load balanced/TAF service
srvctl stop service -d orcl -s RAC

2. Stop RAC instances using
srvctl stop instance -d (database) -I (instance)

3. If needed stop ASM instnace using
srvctl stop asm -n (node)

4. Stop all services using
srvctl stop -nodeapps

Step B> Sequence of events to bring cluster database back..

1. Start all services using
srvctl start -nodeapps

2. Start ASM instnace using
srvctl start asm -n (node)

3. Start RAC instances using
srvctl start instance -d (database) -I (instance)

4. Finish up by bringing our load balanced/TAF service online
srvctl start service -d orcl -s RAC

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