Multimaster Replication :How to resolve Replication Errors

Posted By Sagar Patil

While using multimaster replication often you would be bombarded with errors like “No data found”, “Unique Key Violated” etc .

These are purely data mismatch errors and a user intervention needed to resolve them.

I often come across these errors when we run applications at multiple sites which are part of same replication group/tables when they are designed to run at one replication site at any given time.

You can get list of these errors at DEFERROER view with transaction ids but there is no easy way to locate the parameters,columns and tables on which these errors occurred.

Thankfully there is a solution if you have EM installed.

At bottom of the screen you will see 2 options List report Object Report

List Report -> Will give you list of all transactions but it won’t drill down to the tables and parameters

Object Report –> Will show parameters like number calls, table name,schema, column, datatype, original value, new value, current value

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