Oracle 11g Grid | Installing Grid Agent using "agentDownload" method

Posted By Sagar Patil

To get AGENT working with OMS Grid , you will need ports 3872,4889/4900 accessible between machines.

If you wish to delete host from OMS Grid then delete Targets/Host at grid control first. Now use following SQL script to make sure it’s not exisitng at OMS repository . It will save you lot of frustration.

SQL> select distinct target_name,target_type  from SYSMAN.MGMT$TARGET where target_name like ‘AGENT_HOST%’;

If Agent is listed , use following SQL to remove it from OMS repository.

SQL> exec sysman.mgmt_admin.cleanup_agent(‘AGENT_HOST:3872′);
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> select distinct target_name,target_type  from SYSMAN.MGMT$TARGET where target_name like ‘AGENT_HOST%’;
no rows selected

Login at OMS and locate  “agentDownload” shell script

For my RHEL -11g OMS setup it’s under “$OMS_HOME/sysman/agent_download/″

Copy this script at Destination AGENT_HOST location

I used “scp agentDownload.linux_x64 oracle@AGENT_HOST:/opt/app/oracle/product”

Now go to Agent host & run  script

[oracle@agent_host]$ ./agentDownload.linux_x64
agentDownload.linux_x64 invoked on Thu Mar 17 15:26:37 GMT 2011 with Arguments “”
agentDownload.linux_x64: Invalid Invocation
Usage: agentDownload.linux_x64 -b[cdhimnoprtuvxyNR]
b – Base installation location for Agent Oracle home
d – Do NOT initiate automatic target discovery
h – Usage (this message)
i – Inventory pointer location file
l – To specify as local host (pass -local to runInstaller)
m – Management Service host name for downloading the Management Agent software
n – Cluster name
o – Old Oracle Home location during Upgrade
p – Static port list file
r – Port for connecting to the Management Service host
t – Do NOT start the Agent
u – Upgrade
v – Inventory directory location
x – Debug output
N – Do NOT prompt for Agent Registration Password
R – To use virtual hostname(ORACLE_HOSTNAME) for this installation. If this is being used along with more than one cluster nodes through -c option, then -l option also needs to be passed.

For RAC Install

Run $agentDownload.linux_x64 -b /opt/app/oracle/product -v /opt/app/oracle/oraInventory -n oct_prd_crs -c Sever1,Server2 -y
-b : Agent install Directory
-v : OraInventory Location

agentDownload.linux_x64 invoked on Thu Mar 17 15:48:27 GMT 2011 with Arguments “-b /opt/app/oracle/product -v /opt/app/oracle/product -n oct_prd_crs -y”
LogFile for this Download can be found at: “/opt/app/oracle/product/agentDownload11.”
Running on Selected Platform: Linux.x86_64
Installer location: /opt/app/oracle/product/agentDownload11.
Downloading Agent install response file …
Downloading Agent install response file …
using the url http://OMS_HOST:4900/agent_download/ to access OMS
Could not download through url . Trying secure download..
using the url https://OMS_HOST:4900/agent_download/ to access OMS
Downloading Oracle Installer …
using the url https://OMS_HOST:4900/agent_download/ to access OMS
Downloaded Oracle Installer with status=0
Downloading  Unzip Utility …
using the url https://OMS_HOST:4900/agent_download/ to access OMS
Downloaded UnzipUtility with status=0
Verifying Installer jar …
Verified InstallerJar with status=0
Unjarring Oracle Installer …
Archive:  /opt/app/oracle/product/agentDownload11.
inflating: Disk1/stage/products.xml
inflating: Disk1/stage/Queries/netQueries/

Agent Version     :
OMS Version       :
Protocol Version  :
Agent Home        : /opt/app/oracle/product/agent11g
Agent binaries    : /opt/app/oracle/product/agent11g
Agent Process ID  : 3003
Parent Process ID : 2967
Agent URL         : https://AGENT_HOST:3872/emd/main/
Repository URL    : https://OMS_HOST:4900/em/upload
Started at        : 2011-03-17 15:51:53
Started by user   : oracle
Last Reload       : 2011-03-17 15:51:53
Last successful upload                       : (none)
Last attempted upload                        : (none)
Total Megabytes of XML files uploaded so far :     0.00
Number of XML files pending upload           :       15
Size of XML files pending upload(MB)         :    20.31
Available disk space on upload filesystem    :    31.82%
Last attempted heartbeat to OMS              : 2011-03-17 15:51:58
Last successful heartbeat to OMS             : unknown
Agent is Running and Ready
Querying Agent status: Agent is running
Removing the copied stuff…..
Removed: /opt/app/oracle/product/agentDownload11.
Removed: /opt/app/oracle/product/agentDownload11.
Log name of installation can be found at: “/opt/app/oracle/product/agentDownload.linux_x64031711154827.log”
/opt/app/oracle/product/agent11g/ needs to be executed by root to complete this installation.

For Standalone (NON-RAC) Installs  use

agentDownload.linux_x64 -b /opt/app/oracle/product -v /opt/app/oracle/oraInventory  -y

Finally start agent using  $AGENT_HOME/emctl start agent”  command

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