Is my websphere configured in Development Mode?

Posted By Sagar Patil

WebSphere Portal has concept of Development mode for some time, basic idea is to improve the startup time of portal by delaying the startup of application. The application should be started when it is accessed for first time instead of starting it at the server startup time.

Following process will show you how to locate if websphere is configured to run under development mode

- Open a command prompt
- cd to the WAS_INSTALL_HOME\bin
- Start “wsadmin” using the following:

wsadmin -conntype none -lang jython
- Use the following wsadmin command to get the configuration ID for your server

server = AdminConfig.list( ‘Server’ ).splitlines()[ 0 ]
- Use the following command to display the server attributes:

print server )
- Look for the following line:

[developmentMode false]
If your value is “true” then, this may be the reason WTE starts faster.

wsadmin>wsadmin>  server = AdminConfig.list( ‘Server’ ).splitlines()[ 0 ]
wsadmin>print server );
[components "[(cells/server1_Cell/nodes/server1_Manager/servers/dmgr|server.xml#NameServer_1) "Deployment Manager(cells/server1_Cell/nodes/server1_Manager/servers/dmgr|server.xml#CellManager_1)" "WorkloadManagement Server(cells/server1_Cell/nodes/server1_Manager/servers/dmgr|server.xml#WorkloadManagementServer_1)" "Network Deployment Server(cells/server1_Cell/nodes/server1_Manager/servers/dmgr|server.xml#ApplicationServer_1)"]“]
[customServices []]
[developmentMode false]
[errorStreamRedirect (cells/server1_Cell/nodes/server1_Manager/servers/dmgr|server.xml#StreamRedirect_1)]
[name dmgr]

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