Maintaining SQL Server High Availability

Posted By Sagar Patil
  • Failover Clustering
  • Log Shipping
  • Database Mirroring

Failover Clustering : Used for entire SQL server Instance , Hardware Solution based on MSCS

Shared disks configured between MSCS cluster and automatic failover Will be achieved if one of the node goes down

Database Mirroring :: High availability for Database, Software solution based on HOT standby (New 2005)

  1. Principle database is applied at Mirror database almost real time.
  2. There is one t one relationship and means there would be only one HOT standby for any database.
  3. The mirrored database is in recovery mode and never available until failed over
  4. A witness box could be used to carry automatic failover when needed
  5. Will only work with FULL recovery Model
  6. Could be configured into 3 different modes- High Availability (Sync operation with Witness server ), High Protection (Sync Operation with NO Witness server ) & High Performance (ASync operation with NO Witness server )

Log Shipping : High availability for Database, Software solution based on WARM standby (Old 2000)

  1. Secondary database is not sync with primary . The primary database doesn’t send the transaction logs directly to the Secondary. The moving of logs is done by the SQL agent using a network share. Primary server has a backup Job which backs up the transaction logs to a network share while Secondary server have Job to apply them at destination.
  2. The warm standby can have one to one else one to many relationship with Primary database.
  3. The Warm standby is always available in read only mode
  4. A monitor server could be used to setup all jobs needed between Primary and Secondary server. We Can omit the Monitor server and push jobs into Primary & secondary if needed.
  5. Supports Manuel Failover only
  6. Can work with FULL else BULK recovery Model

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