How to recover from a Loss of Voting Disk

Posted By Sagar Patil

Loss of Voting Disk

Check where voting disks are located using “crsctl check crs”

Backup of voting disk : dd if=/dev/raw/votingdisk of=/vmasmtest/BACKUP/VOTING/votingdisk_06_may_07
dd: reading `/dev/raw/votingdisk’: No such device or address
305172+0 records in
305172+0 records out
[root@vmractest1 VOTING]# ls -l
total 152744
-rw-r–r– 1 oracle dba 156248064 May 6 16:40 votingdisk_06_may_07

Delete voting disks using rm command
Check RAC status “crs_stat -t”
Look into alrtlog messages at both instances and both Instance should show instance terminated.
Check available backups
Restore Voting Disk

Restore Voting Disk dd if=/vmasmtest/BACKUP/VOTING/votingdisk_06_may_07 of=/dev/raw/votingdisk
305172+0 records in
305172+0 records out

Restart CRS /etc/init.d/ start

Check and Restart all Cluster components
./crsctl check crs
./crsctl query css votedisk
./crsctl start resources
Login into database & see everything is OK

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