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Posted By Sagar Patil

If you have already uninstalled Oracle Clusterware using the Oracle Universal Installer - Please download attached file that contains a copy of the logpartformat.exe and the guioracleobjmanage.exe (plus necessary dll).

In case you have Clusterware installed – (You need to carry these steps only from one node)

Remove the partitions that have been initialized for ocrcfg and votedsk

1. You can view these using the Oracle provided tool: guioracleobjmanager.exe
Invoke the Oracle tool GuiOracleObjManager.exe to see the link names that have been assigned to your partitions:


2. Use Services on Windows to stop the following services on each cluster node and set them to Manual. Please stop all oracle services.



3. Remove the formatting on these partitions using the Oracle provided tool: logpartformat.exe. Invoke the Oracle tool logpatformat to reinitialize the headers of the disks you have specified for use as votedsk1 and ocrcfg

For RAW partitions:

run logpartformat /q <link name as shown to you in guioracleobjmanager tool
For example “logpartformat /q ocrcfg” repeat this step for all link names listed in guioracleobjmanager



run logpartformat /q <DRIVELETTER>
For example, if the drive letter for your OCFS partition is ‘ P ‘

logpartformat /q P:

Certain times Logpartformat can fail. For example:

$CRS_HOME/BIN>logpartformat /q \\.\votedsk1
Logical Partition Formatter
Version 2.0
Copyright 1989-2001 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Unable to validate logical partition for symbolic link votedsk1

This is typically an access problem but cleaning up the disks can be problematic in such a case. Physically removing the disks and creating new ones with different sizes has been known to help in some cases.

4. Remove the assigned link names using the GUIOracleobjmanager.exe
- Go back to the guioracleobjmanager tool and remove all link names:
- place a check mark in the box preceding each link name / physical partition listed
- then go to the Options menu and click ‘commit
- the link names should now be removed

clip_image010 clip_image012

5. If possible remove and recreate your logical drives on top of extended partitions at this time from Windows Disk Management.

6. Use the Oracle Universal Installer to remove the empty CRS home (cleans up the inventory file)

7. Remove Oracle binaries using Windows explorer, both the CRS home and the files located in:

8. Using Windows explorer, remove the following driver files from: %systemroot%\windows\system32\drivers:
* ocfs.sys
* orafencedrv.sys
* orafenceservice.sys

9. Reboot all servers in your RAC configuration

You can also look at metalink note 341214.1

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