WebSphere : Synchronize Cluster Configuration with Dmgr & Nodes

Posted By Sagar Patil

In a Network Deployment environment, the deployment manager maintains the master repository for all of the WebSphere Application Server nodes and servers that it manages in the cell. Copies of the files that each node needs are replicated to that node by a process known as synchronization.

In a Network Deployment environment with two nodes,  All of the configuration files relevant to both Node01 and Node02 are kept in the master repository along with the  configuration files that are relevant to the deployment manager. Only those files that are relevant to Node01 are replicated to Node01, and only those files that are relevant to Node02 are replicated to Node02. Each node gets a copy of the serverindex.xml file for every other node because this contains connection information for the other nodes, that is host names and ports.

We  can set each node agent to perform automatic or manual synchronization and the interval at which each node agent will perform the synchronization. To set this in the administrative console,

select System administration → Node agents → nodeagent → File synchronization service.

We can manually initiate synchronization using the administrative console by selecting

System administration → Nodes, putting a check by the node that you wish to synchronize, and then clicking either Synchronize or Full Resynchronize.

You can also perform synchronization from the node agent using the syncNode.bat|sh script. You must stop the node agent to use this tool.

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One Response to “ Websphere Basics ”

  1. ‘If deployment manager is down,How can the session backup information transfered to other cluster members? Is web server necessary?

    Not necessarily, no. The WAS plugin will automatically fail over requests for a down server to some other server in the same cluster. It’s up to you to configure session persistence so that the session is available to any other server in the cluster.”

    here my question is -is DMGR be clusterd ?If so ,how can i check the other clusterd member of DMGR and their status ?

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