Useful Tables and Views, for Troubleshooting Streams Issues

Posted By Sagar Patil
streams$_capture_process Lists all defined capture processes
dba_capture Basic status, error info
v$streams_capture Detailed status info
dba_capture_parameters Configuration information
streams$_propagation_process: Lists all defined propagate processes
dba_propagation Basic status, error info
v$propagation_sender Detailed status info
v$propagation_receiver Detailed status info
 streams$_apply_process Lists all defined apply processes
 dba_apply Basic status, error info
 v$streams_apply_reader Status of the apply reader
 v$streams_apply_server Status of apply server(s)
 v$streams_apply_coordinator Overall status, latency info
 dba_apply_parameters Configuration information
Miscellaneous Tables 
 v$buffered_queues View that displays the current and cumulative number of messages enqueued and spilled, for each buffered queue.
 sys.streams$_apply_spill_msgs_part Table that the apply process uses, to “spill” messages from large transactions to disk.
 system.logmnr_restart_ckpt$ Table that holds capture process “checkpoint” information.

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