Using adadmin to compile an Apps environment

Posted By Sagar Patil

While installing apps 12 under OEL 5, I came across a problem and one of the suggestion made was to relink/compile an apps setup to see if that resolves the problem…

1. Locate your environment file.

For me, apps 12 with VISION database the env file “APPSVIS_ebs.env” is located at “/oracle/u01/apps/apps_st/appl” where “/oracle/u01” is Oracle_base

2. Setup your environment by running the env file

[applmgr@ebs appl]$ . APPSVIS_ebs.env

[applmgr@ebs appl]$ set | grep ORACLE
INCLUDE_FLAGS=’-I. -I$(FND_TOP)/include -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/rdbms/demo’
PCCINC=’. include=$(FND_TOP)/include include=$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public’

3. Run adadmin now

Accept all default parameters and enter system password MANAGER & apps user password apps for default install.

To relink apps select option 2 and then 1.

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