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Posted By Sagar Patil

Set the java environment. There is a script for setting the CLASSPATH and PATH so that this tool can work.

> source setWLSEnv.sh


Your environment has been set.


> java weblogic.Admin

weblogic.Admin is a command-line utility for managing WebLogic Server.

Try: weblogic.Admin help LIFECYCLE   Starting, stopping, discovering servers
weblogic.Admin help INFO        Retrieving info about WebLogic Server
weblogic.Admin help JDBC        Working with JDBC connection pools
weblogic.Admin help MBEAN       Working with WebLogic Server MBeans
weblogic.Admin help CLUSTER     Working with clusters
weblogic.Admin help ALL         Help for all commands

Usage: java [<SSL trust options>] weblogic.Admin
[ [-url | -adminurl] [<protocol>://]<listen-address>:<port>]
-username <username> -password <password>

Sample commands

get state
> java weblogic.Admin -username user -password pass GETSTATE myserver
Current state of “myserver” : RUNNING

get server config

> java weblogic.Admin -username user -password pass GET -pretty -type Server

get server stats
> java weblogic.Admin -username user -password pass GET -pretty -type ServerRuntime

get queue stats

> java weblogic.Admin -username user -password pass GET -pretty -type ExecuteQueueRuntime

get queue stats for just the default execute queue (the one that does application work)

This shows that there are 15 idle threads that can be used by the application and there are no pending requests. Also, this queue has serviced 415,607 requests.

get JVM stats

> java weblogic.Admin -username user -password pass GET -pretty -type JVMRuntime

get JDBC stats

We have connection pools configured, but are not using them, so this is not a useful source of information.

> java weblogic.Admin -username user -password pass GET -pretty -type JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime

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