Webspehere java 100% CPU usage : MustGather Information

Posted By Sagar Patil

Perform the following setup instructions:
1.    Follow instructions to enable verbosegc in WebSphere Application Server

2.    Run the following command:

top -d %delaytime% -c -b > top.log

Where delaytime is the number of seconds to delay. This must be 60 seconds or greater, depending on how soon the failure is expected.

3.    Run the following:

netstat -an > netstat1.out

4.    Run the following:

kill -3 [PID_of_problem_JVM]

The kill -3 command will create javacore*.txt files or javacore data written to the stderr file of the Application Server.
Note: If you are not able to determine which JVM process is experiencing the high CPU usage then you should issue the kill -3 PID for each of the JVM processes.

5.    Wait two minutes. Run the following:

kill -3 [PID_of_problem_JVM]

6.    Wait two minutes. Run the following:

netstat -an > netstat2.out

7.    If you are unable to generate javacore files, then perform the following:

kill -11 [PID_of_problem_JVM]

The kill -11 will terminate the JVM process, produce a core file, and possibly a javacore.

Collect following documentation for uploading to IBM support:

- All Application Server JVM log files for the Application Server experiencing the problem.
- All administrative server log files from the machine experiencing the problem.
- WebSphere Application Server plug-in log
- Web server error and access log
- top.log, ps_eLf.log and vmstat.log
- javacore*.*
- All netstat*.out files
- /var/log/messages
- Indicate which JVM, such as the Application Server or administrative server, is experiencing the problem.

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