Websphere : Deploy an Application using GUI Deployment Manager (Dmgr)

Posted By Sagar Patil

Go to console Enterprise Applications -> install -> location of the application

    Here, we are using the lab files (An J2ee Application) that are located in our system. Click on next. Click on next. NOW, select the modules and select the application servers where you want to install the particular application so that the corresponding modules are installed on that particular servers. Click on next Now select the database that you want to use. Step 4 Each none message driven bean in the application should be bound to the Java naming and directory interface. Step 5 In the step 5 same screen only, You are mapping the modules to the entity beans. Now you have to specify the jndi name STEP 6 In this step, you have to map the modules to the cmp beans. Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Now there are two roles that were specified in the application. There is a tab to look up users. Now you can select the tab and loop up for the users and you can assign the particular users for that module. When you click on the tab for look up users: Here in my system there are no users, but it will show a list of users where you can select. I have selected every one in the previous screen. Step 10 Select the role. This is the summary of the settings that you have made. And click Finish.

    Now select the application and start.

    For command prompt installation:

    Go to wsadmin. Now at wsadmin bin Wsadmin>bin Note: If you place the .war file at the bin, then it is OK. OR ELSE, you have to give the location of the war file. Wsadmin>bin>$AdminApp installInteractive webspherebank.ear And follow the suggestions as per your requirement. And after successful installation save by $AdminConfig save

    To configure the database

    Jdbc providers -> select serverscope Select new. And select as follows: Give the name: Select data sources -> new Click new, and provide the address of the database and name of the jndi.

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