Websphere : Federation of the WAS nodes

Posted By Sagar Patil

By federating nodes to the deployment manager we can administer all the application servers through one deployment manager console.

  1. You can add a new node through the admin console (explained below) &
  2. Using addNode command at command prompt


Log on to the admin console of the application server Go to servers -> Application Servers -> server -> ports And note the soap connector address (here 8880).

Communications between the node agent and deployment manager takes place through this port.

Log on to the WAS admin:

JUST FOR your information to check what is present in the cell, Go to admin console -> cell -> Local Topology

In the cell you will note that only dmgr is part of the cell as of now

[Before federation]

System administration -> nodes -> add node -> managed node

Check the message whether the node is successfully federated.

Now go to the appserver profile root/logs

And check the log file addNode.txt

See the message which the node federated successfully.

Go to application server profile root/logs/nodeagent/logs

And check for systemOut.log and the message.

The configuration synchronization completed successfully.

To verify federation from the admin console:

System administration -> nodes -> check the node whether it is synchronized.

Start the application server.

Check the applications if they are running.

Go to node agents; Verify that a node agent process is created on the node you federated.

Now you can see the node added.

Note: Till now we have seen federating a node from deployment manager’s admin console. We can also federate a node from the command prompt of application server’s command prompt.

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