Change Display Name Of Targets In a Grid Control

Posted By Sagar Patil

If you carry Agent auto discovery, the display names cannot be configured.

To configure the display names of the targets in the GRID Control console, the targets must be manually discovered.

If the targets are already added, then they would have to be removed from the console and then added manually:

1) Remove the target from grid control.

Targets > All Targets > Search for the target in question > Select the radio button next to the target and choose Remove.

2) Wait for the delete to be completed.

3) Verify that the delete is complete by connecting to the repository database as the sysman user:

set pages 1000
select * from mgmt_targets_delete;
The DELETE_COMPLETE_TIME must be populated, do not continue until this is populated.

4) Add the new database manually in GC.  This can be done in a couple of places depending on the target type.

Targets > All Targets > Add:

Setup link (Top right of console) > Agent subtab (blue bar across the top of the console) > click on the link for the agent that monitors the target (this goes to the agent homepage) > Add the target here.

If the target is not already in the console, manually using the same steps noted.

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