How to Configure Notifications at Grid

Posted By Sagar Patil

1. Configure “Notification Methods” to receive alerts.

Login at OMS Console and click on “Setup” at top right hand corner.Click on “Notification Methods” at Left hand side.

Enter Email server details like Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server, Username, Password  & click on “Test Email Servers” link to verify settings.

2. Configure target Email address for Alerts.

Click on “Preferences” at top right hand side and click on Left Hand “General” Tab option

3. Setting Up Preferred Credentials to run scripts at targets (databases,hosts)

Select relevant option and click on “Set Credentials” icon. I am picking up “Host” here to add ssh login details at following screen.

3. Notification Schedule

We can setup time of the day and respective email addresses for notifications here. This way we can divert alrts to daytime email during working hours and to mobile email address at evenings/night.

4. Notification Rules

We now know when and who should be notified when an event occurs, let’s setup WHAT we want to be notified of.

Navigate to “Preferences” at right hand top corner , now select “Rules” from Left hand menu and click on

That will pop up following screen.

By default OEM will show “Target Type“ as “Database Instance”. You could  alter as your needs and select any of the options as below 

You will also notice as per the target type selected option  would change.

Click on   and select list of hosts which should fall under your rule. You can filter your selection at the pop up “Search and Select: Targets“ screen.

After selecting target, click on “availability” and select options you like.

I have selected notifications if “Database Instance goes down, OMA is unreachable and if any metric errors detected. At next screen we will select Metric values we want to monitor.

Add metric screen should show you about 129+ options like “Archive Area Used (%),Archiver Hung Alert Log Error,Blocking Session Count, Dump Area Used ,Generic Alert Log Error,Tablespace Free Space (MB), Tablespace Space Used (%)”

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