Oracle Grid | Tracking OS procsses using User Defined Matrix (UDM)Shell Script

Posted By Sagar Patil

Oracle grid can display number of processes for a host.  But I have a odd requirement where I need to keep track of oracle/java processes on the server.

This reminds me about other issues I had in past where I had to keep track of java/application procsses on the box.  On a odd day, I have seen them spawning at speed exhausting server resources (memory) in no time.

I wrote a small shell script to get count of oracle processes. This could be altered for absolutely anything as far as it returns number which grid can plot as a chart.
echo “em_result=`ps -ef | grep oracle | wc -l`”

Copy above shell script at $HOST/$Directory.

Goto Grid -> targets -> Host , now select HOST where you wish to run this script.

Create UDM for shell script we wrote earlier. Add complete path at “Command Line” on AGENT BOX.

Schedule it for execution and define how frequently you want to execute this script.

Wait for next day or so to see graph as below.

You can later change your threshold level for generating an Alert/Email notification.

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