Troubleshooting Bottlenecks : Using SQL Server Profiler & Windows System Monitor Together

Posted By Sagar Patil

Here is a situation – users are complaining about a slow SQL server response.

We want to quantify if that is result of a hard hitting SQL query or this is to do with some application/background jobs running on the server.

Let’s put to practise our skills from &

Please initiate a Trace on SQL server before going ahead. Within a SQL server Profiler window click on the top button for “Performancve Monitor” to enable logging.

Click on my my_os_trace counter highlighted i RED and hit START , the icon Will go Green now.

Let’s go to management Studio and run some SQL stmts as below to create an activity.

I will now go and stop the trace as well as OS stats

I am going to make sure trace files are available at directory C:\perfLogs

Let’s go back to Profiler and import trace files to map SQL execution with OS stats captured from performance Monitor

I am going to select file “my_os_trace_000002″

Finally you will see a screen like one below. Highlight the SQL statement to see the server load at that moment of time. The time is displayed in solid RED BAR.

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